Donation Completed!

Thank you for your donation to 2 Scoops Eatery

The 2 Scoops for kids fund is a fund that was started in partnership with State Farm insurance company.

The fund is geared towards making sure that any and every child that walks into our establishment are able to get a taste of the cream of the crop even if they are not financially able to afford it.

Since our opening 2 scoops eater along with our local community members have donated 1000+ cones to kids.

Kids must be 12 years and under.

Where does your donation go?

  • 100% of the net donations go directly back to the community.
  • Any child under 12 who is unable to afford an ice cream cone will be provided one free of charge.
  • Helps support local youth.
  • Helps promote and foster community relationships