2 Scoops Eatery will host your next event.  Save yourself the hassle of setting up a space and cleaning it up and let us do the work for you.  We LOVE birthday parties, wedding parties, bridal showers, gender reveals, meetings, support groups, conferences, seminars, vendor, rentals, family events, or any other special event!

Make your next party memorable! Treat your family & friends to a taste of “the cream of the crop” by hosting your next event.



Space rental includes the following . . .

  • Personal server
  • Table & chairs
  • Clean up
  • Minimum 2 hour rental of space.
  • Pricing is based on 10 person package, additional guests will be pro-rated

Party Packages

All Packages Include . . .



Ice Cream

**Food not included in Package #1 or #6**

Package #1 - Social Event Only

$50 per hour

No food or beverage provided or allowed

Package #2 - Hot Dogs


Hot Dogs

Package #3 - Chili Dogs


Chili Hot Dogs

Package #4 - Pizza


2 Pizzas

Package #5 - Beef Brisket


Beef Brisket

Package #6 - Bring Your Own Food


Bring your own food and beverage

Package #7 - Beef Hot Links


Beef Hot Link

2 Scoops Party/Event Space Rules

  • A $50 refundable deposit must be placed to secure the space.  If you do not cancel within 7 days, the deposit will be forfeited.
  • Smoking, firearms & Illegal drugs are NOT permitted on the premises
  • Alcohol is allowed
  • Minimum of 10 people per party package.
  • The maximum capacity of the space is 25 people (due to COVID 19, only 22 people max will be allowed in the space at one time)
  • 2 Scoops Party/ Event Space does have a mask requirement due to COVID 19
  • Use of personal technology (laptops, music players, I-Pads etc..) is allowed
  • Use of 2 Scoops technology (70 inch TV & Conference call equipment) will incur a $15 charge
  • 2 Scoops Party/Event Space will not be responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Street parking only

Ready to Start the Party?